so you can enjoy the party!

Signature specialties that set us apart!


Cheese & Fine Charcuterie

Hand select cheese from around the world paired with fine charcuterie.

Ask for our complete list.



“Married with Cheese”
– Fromage selections

Select imported cheeses married with fresh & poached fruits, chutneys, preserves, toasted nuts, fresh breads, artisanal crackers, or pitas. Dish cheese displays are unlike any other – a visual delight that melts in your mouth. Presented on our signature 18” square white porcelain platters or slates












Raclette Party

First we set-up our Raclette burner with a half wheel of mild cows milk cheese from France; the machine heats one side of the cheese, then your personal chef will spoon the melty bits onto your plate and serve with steamed baby potatoes, cornichons, sweet marinated onions and fresh breads.

Great as a stand alone service or in combination with any of our delicious small plates or passed Hors D’oeuvres. (Small Plates and Hors D’oeuvres are addtional.)


Our almost famous Cuban-Style Pork Sandwich

slow roasted Cuban style pork, roasted red onions,served on pan toasted flat bread

with fresh herb & garlic aioli sauce


Fish Tacos

don’t make a face! this classic San Francisco treat won us an award for ‘best in show’
at a competition. again simplicity wins over - authentic soft corn tacos shells,

corn meal fried white fish, a spicy sauce with super fine red cabbage slivers. we have won over many a non-fish eater with this one. this is also very interactive. we make them to order.


American Edamame

our answer to crudités.

this is simple but the guests always love it. a beautiful glass plate covered with sweet grape tomatoes. in the center is a martini glass filled with vodka, next to it is a small bowl of kosher salt and clear picks. the guest picks the tomato, dips it in the vodka & dips into the salt. viola! the salt makes the sweet tomato flavor really pop. a great conversation piece!


Our S’mores Service

fresh handmade marshmallows, copper fire pit, wood, charcoal, roasting sticks, graham crackers, Hershey® bars, & handy wipes Ask your coordinator about our rustic display items to enhance the S’mores experience!

- Sample Menus -

All our Menus are custom designed by our Chef - We work closely with you to create the perfect menu that fits your budget. These are just a few samples to get you started.

A Diner Party

A Cocktail Party

Holiday Party

New Year's Eve Dinner

Download the PDF

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Download the PDF

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Download the PDF

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Download the PDF

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- Corporate & Business Menus -

Delivered Lunch Options

Party Platters

Company Picnic

Download the PDF

Delivered Lunch Options for Businesses

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Party Platters for Businesses

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Company Picnic

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